Ice Hockey League


SIGN-UP DEADLINE: Thursday January 25 @ 12 Noon

COST: $250 ($150 non-refundable ice fee + $100 fully refundable* bond) per player

GAME DATES/TIMES & LOCATION: All league games will take place on Tuesday nights beginning at 8 PM at Rhino Sports & Playland (199 Bell Blvd., Belleville)

To sign-up for the Ice Hockey League, students first need to pick up Player Registration Forms from the Fitness Centre Front Desk. Once the forms are picked up and filled out, players must pay the fee at the Cash Office, getting their forms stamped as paid in the process, and then bring their paperwork back to the staff at the Fitness Centre Front Desk. Players not already on a team will then be randomly assigned to one in a lotto draft that will take place the afternoon of the sign-up deadline. There is room for up to 60 participants (to a maximum of 6 teams) in the League. The league will run with a round robin season over several weeks with a Finals night capping the end of League play. The total number of games will depend on the total number of teams registered.

Important notes:

  • A helmet with full face shield/cage, neck guard, and mouth guard are all mandatory. Participants will not be allowed to play if they do not have this equipment with them.
  • Incidental contact during the play of the puck is permitted in this League although it will be monitored at the discretion of the referee; direct checking is not allowed.
  • *Barring no conduct issues, each player’s Bond will be refunded at the end of League play.

Rules: Campus Recreation Ice Hockey follows the general rules of play from the Ontario Hockey Association with some specific rule adjustments as indicated below. As always, the Campus Recreation Rules & Regulations must be followed; in areas of contradiction, these Rules & Regulations take precedent.

It is expected that in a game and league of this nature there will be a level of play that is somewhat physical; that said, it is also expected that individual players and teams in this League will play with a great deal of maturity and sportsmanship

    • Eligibilty: Only full-time students and staff of Loyalist College are permitted to play in Campus Recreation Ice Hockey. Any players who attempt to circumvent these rules will be ejected from the activity, denied participation in any further Campus Recreation events, and will cause the team(s) they attempted to play for to be removed with no refund. All players are expected to have their Student ID cards with them at every game as eligibility will be checked; failure to have your card when asked for it prior to the match will result in not being permitted to play.
    • Rosters: In the case of individuals signing up without a team, they will be placed on rosters via a lottery draft. Team rosters will have a maximum size of ten (10) players. Trading of players between teams is not permitted. Only players are permitted in the bench area; coaches are prohibited in Campus Recreation Ice Hockey.
    • Number Of Players On The Ice: The number of players required on the ice per team is four (3 out plus 1 goalie). A team that does not have enough players to start a game and still does not after the 10-minute grace period will be issued an automatic-loss and will forfeit the match.
    • Player Attire: Each team member will be assigned a team jersey at the start of the league for each and every game; jerseys must be returned to receive bond refunds.
    • Duration Of The Game: The game shall consist of run-time periods. The interval between periods should be no more than two minutes and shall not exceed five minutes.
    • Warm-up: Teams may not step onto the ice for their warm-up until after the Zamboni has fully left the ice surface and the doors are closed. Any individuals who step out prematurely will be cautioned and/or ejected. Teams must bring their own pucks to warm-up with; while the Campus Recreation Crew will have game pucks, they will not provide any for warm-ups.
    • Foul/Abusive Language: The referee shall caution any player, coach or spectator affiliated with a team who is guilty of any incidental vulgar or profane language. Any player or spectator who uses insulting or abusive language shall be ejected.
    • Cautions/Ejections: A player may be cautioned/penalized for infringing on the rules of the game, for unsportsmanlike behavior, for incidental foul language or if by word or action a player shows unnecessary dissent to the referee. Multiple cautions in the same match may result in an ejection. A player shall be ejected from a game for violent conduct (including fighting), serious foul play, using abusive language, or if he/she persists in misconduct after having received a caution. A player may also be ejected without prior warning for intentionally fouling a player from behind on a breakaway or along the boards. If a player is ejected, another player cannot replace him. This means that his/her team will have to finish the game with one less player on the ice. The ejected player must meet with the Campus Recreation Coordinator before playing in any subsequent games. In cases of a player being ejected for fighting, their team captain will also sit out the remainder of the game. All players issued ejections will be suspended indefinitely until the ejected party and the Team Captain sees the Campus Recreation Coordinator. All ejections carry a minimum one game suspension (not including the game in which the ejection occurs) and all ejections involving fighting carry an automatic, immediate removal from the league.
    • Icing & Offside: The red (center) line is only in play with regard to opening and post-goal face-offs; it does not factor in on any offside calls. If the puck is pushed forward from behind a defender’s blue line and carries through to the other end of the rink untouched, it is whistled an automatic icing as soon as it crosses the goal line.
    • Standings & Playoffs: Teams are awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss. In the event of a tie in the standings, at season’s end, a tiebreak will be determined by goals-for vs. goals-against. At the end of the season there will be a single-elimination playoff with all teams qualifying.
    • Equipment: It is mandatory that all regular hockey gear be worn. Players must wear helmets with a full face-shield/cage as well as mouth guards (black, or clear with a tab) and neck guards. Goalies must have a helmet ‘beard’.
    • Contact: Light-contact is permitted during play of the puck; however, checking will result in cautions and/or ejections. As soon as the referees deem the play to be focused on the body instead of on the puck, they have every right to whistle the play down and administer penalties. Incidental contact is permitted in this League although it will be monitored at the discretion of the referees.