Indoor Soccer League


TEAM SIGN-UP DEADLINE: Thursday January 25, 2018

COST: $100 bond per team (fully refundable at the end of the league barring no forfeits or conduct issues; see league rules below for further details)

Team sign-up sheets are available at the Fitness Centre Front Desk.


All participants must be prepared to show Campus Recreation staff a valid Loyalist College Student ID Card in order to participate. Individuals without proper identification will not be allowed to participate. A team unable to field a minimum number of players with identification will forfeit the contest.

While Campus Rec Staff members will be on hand supervising each game, play on the field is primarily self-refereed by the players in the same manner as sports that place fair play above all else (i.e., Ultimate Frisbee).  If disputed calls cannot be easily resolved by the players involved, Staff will make a ruling on the incident; their decision is final.

The number of players on the field of play per team is 7 (six out plus a keeper).  NOTE: A team that does not field enough players to start a game (minimum of 5 out plus a keeper) and still does not after the 10-minute grace period will be issued an automatic-loss and will forfeit the match if the opposing team so chooses. Teams are required to have at least one female player on the pitch at all times through the game.

Players are not permitted to wear anything that may be dangerous to other players (bracelets, watches, necklaces, etc).  Soft-soled athletic shoes are to be worn by all players; the only “cleat” styled shoes permitted can be seen in the photo below. Bare feet are not allowed. Shin pads are not required but are recommended.

A forfeit is awarded if the opposing team is not ready to play at game time or fails to produce the minimum number of players 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. A team that forfeits during the regular season will lose 50% of their bond fee for a first forfeit, the remainder of their bond fee for a second, and will be removed from the league entirely for a third. Any team that forfeits during the first week of the regular season may be removed from the league with no refund issued.

Unless teams, of their own volition, have matching uniforms, all players must bring two different colored shirts to every game – one light (white or yellow) and one dark (navy blue or black).

Games will be played on the indoor pitch in the Loyalist Sports Dome.

The game shall consist of two halves of twenty minutes run-time each. The interval at half time shall not exceed five minutes. Stoppages in play are only called in case of injury to players.

Regular season games which are tied at the end of regulation time will be counted as a tie for each team in the standings. Playoff games which are tied at the end of regulation time will – time permitting – go to a shootout; each side will have three attempts in the shootout with a different player taking each attempt. If after the shootout the game is unresolved, or if there wasn’t time for a shootout to take place (such as would delay the start of the following game or because allotted time in the facility is coming to an end), the game will be decided by a coin-flip conducted by one of the Campus Rec Staff and called by the captain of the team listed as “Home” in the schedule.

A Campus Recreation official indoor soccer ball will be provided for the game, but not for warm-ups. Teams must bring their own ball for warm-up.

At the beginning of the game the ball must be kicked forward and the kicker cannot kick the ball a second time until it has touched another player. At the kickoff, the opposing team must remain outside of the center circle until it is kicked for the first time.

If the game is temporarily suspended for any reason, the team retaining possession will restart with an indirect free kick at the referee’s signal.

A goal is scored when the whole ball has passed over the goal line, between the goalposts and under the crossbar, provided it has not been thrown or carried in by a player of the attacking side. A game shall be decided by whichever team has the greater number of goals at the end of the game.

All free kicks in the Campus Recreation Indoor Soccer League are classified as “indirect”, meaning that a goal cannot be scored unless a player other than the kicker has played the ball before it passes over the goal line. Under no circumstances may the original kicker play the ball twice in a row. When a free kick is being taken, no player of the opposing side may be within 5 feet of the ball until it is kicked, unless he/she is standing on his/her own goal line, between the goal posts. The ball must be stationary when the kick is taken.

Fouls and misconducts will be dealt with by a free kick. Reasons for granting a free kick against any player/team include:

  • kicking or attempting to kick an opponent;
  • tripping or jumping at an opponent;
  • charging at an opponent in a violent or dangerous manner;
  • striking, or attempts to strike, an opponent;
  • holding an opponent with his/her hands or any part of his/her arm;
  • pushing an opponent with his/her hands or any part of his/her arm;
  • a handball offense;
  • playing in a manner considered by the staff present to be dangerous;
  • intentionally obstructing an opponent when not within playing distance of the ball;
  • having too many players on the field at the same time;
  • slide tacking;
  • unsportsmanlike conduct (this includes shouting at an opposing player or referee to insult him or distract his/her attention).

Campus Rec Staff will caution any player, captain or spectator affiliated with a team who is guilty of any incidental vulgar or profane language. Any player, captain or spectator who uses insulting or abusive language shall be ejected.

There will be free substitution but a player can only enter the field when the player he/she is replacing is completely off the field.  The first violation of this receives a verbal warning, the second time an indirect free kick is awarded from the spot at midfield nearest the ball, and the third violation will call for the player entering the field to be ejected.

Good sports conduct is essential in Campus Recreation activities. Therefore, if a player or players are pulled from a game, they will receive a minimum, automatic one game suspension. The suspension of that player becomes effective immediately following the ejection carrying through the remainder of that game and the following game.

A player may be cautioned for persistently infringing the rules of the game, for unsportsmanlike behavior, for incidental foul language or if by word or action a player shows unnecessary dissent to the referee. Two cautions in the same match may result in an ejection.

A player shall be ejected from a game for violent conduct, serious foul play, using abusive language, or if he/she persists in misconduct after having received a caution. A player may also be ejected without prior warning for intentionally fouling a player from behind on a breakaway. If a player is ejected, another player cannot replace him. This means that his/her team will have to finish the game with one less player on the field. The ejected player must check with the Campus Recreation Coordinator before playing in any subsequent games.

Soccer is not a game of physical strength, and contact between players should be minimal & incidental. In soccer, the rules encourage that players play the ball and not the opposing players.

All players issued ejections will be suspended indefinitely until the ejected party and the team captain see the Campus Recreation Coordinator.

All ejections carry a minimum one game suspension and all ejections involving fighting carry an automatic, immediate removal from the league.