Campus Rec Pick-Up Softball begins September 11th, runs Monday evenings from 5:00 PM until dusk until October 2nd (weather permitting), and is open to all Loyalist College students.  Bring your gloves, bats, and friends from class/residence and come out for some fun on the ball diamond!

STARTS: September 11, 2017

WHEN: Mondays, 5 pm – dusk


Campus Rec Softball uses modified 3-Pitch Rules:

    • Scoring will be done by the Campus Rec Staff Member(s) supervising the game.
    • Games will be fifty (50) minutes or seven (7) innings, whichever comes first. There is a 5-run mercy rule in effect for all innings.
    • The batting order will be left up to the Team Captain. All players listed on the team sheet must bat in a regular batting order. The batting order must include a minimum of two (2) girls. If a team arrives with only two (2) girls, the third female spot in the batting order is considered an automatic out. Teams with one girl or less will lose by default.
    • Only enrolled students (both full- & part-time) of Loyalist College are eligible to play.
    • The batting team will supply its own pitcher.
    • The batter is out if the pitcher makes contact with the hit ball.
    • The pitcher does not have to catch a ball thrown to him/her from the outfield. The ball is to be thrown to an infielder that will then relay it to the pitcher.
    • As soon as the pitcher touches the ball, play is dead.
    • The pitcher is responsible for calling outs.
    • The catcher is responsible for calling foul balls. The catcher cannot catch a tipped ball; the ball must attain roughly the height of the backstop to be playable if hit straight up or back toward the catcher.
    • Each batter will receive three (3) underhand pitches.
    • Any foul ball caught by the opposing team is an out.
    • There will be no bunting. The batter must swing the bat in one fluid motion.
    • Runners cannot advance off a base until the ball is hit. Stealing and leading off is prohibited.
    • No sliding to any base. Any runner who slides will be called out.
    • Runners are not permitted to touch home plate after rounding third base. They must, instead, cross the home plate line. Touching home plate will result in an automatic out. This rule is in place to help prevent potential injury due to home plate collisions.
    • A commitment line will be marked roughly between third base and home plate. Once a player has crossed that line, they cannot return to third base. The defending team must touch home plate — not the player — to force an out.
    • An overthrow will result in a runner gaining one extra base. A ball that is tipped afar or that is stopped from being fully overthrown by the fence extensions will not result in an extra base being granted.
    • If a hit ball lands straight and clear in the trees, it is a home-run. A ball that bounces from the outfield into the high grass/tree area will result in a ground-rule double.