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  • Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday – Sunday, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
  • please see the bottom of the page for other dates of reduced hours and closures


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The Fitness Centre offers the opportunity for Loyalist College students, staff, and alumni to work towards their goals of personal health and fitness in a safe and welcoming environment. The facility features: LifeFitness elliptical cross-trainers, upright & recumbent cycles, treadmills, and steppers; True elliptical cross-trainers; and Concept II indoor rowing ergs. In the weight/resistance training areas, the Fitness Centre also features HammerStrength lifting racks (both a full/power rack & a half/multi rack), flat bench, and a Smith rack; with high-test Hampton Olympic barbells and bumper plate weight. Additionally, members will find a full line of LifeFitness resistance machines and Ivanko dumbbells & barbells, with Dynamax medicine balls, BOSU balls, and kettlebells rounding out our equipment.

Located in 1H5, on the lower level of the Kente Building, the Fitness Centre is a co-ed facility with memberships available for Loyalist College students, staff, and alumni.

All ancillary fee paying full-time and part-time day students have access to a Fitness Centre membership provided they can show proof of enrollment using either a valid 2017/18 Student ID card or a current Banner class schedule accompanied by a piece of government issued photo ID.

Loyalist College staff personnel have several different membership options:

  • per Annum (September – August): $170 (+13% HST)
  • per Semester (September – December; January – April; May – August): $90 (+13% HST)
  • per Month (date – date): $30 (+13% HST)
  • Staff Membership Application Form

Alumni memberships are available annually (September – August) at a price of $144 (+13% HST) which prorates through the academic year.


  • Our year runs September through August; however, we only offer a prorated option as the year ticks by on Alumni Memberships.  For staff, whether you purchase an annual membership in September, October, or November, the cost remains the same as does it’s expiry date.
  • Semesters are: September through December, inclusive; January through April, inclusive; and May through August, inclusive.
  • Monthly memberships are date-to-date (i.e., September 15-October 15, February 23 – March 23) with the exception of one purchased in the month of August.
  • Spousal memberships are available for staff who are members themselves; the rates and methods of payment are the same.
  • Full-time staff have the options of paying in full via cash/credit/debit at the Cash Office, doing a one-time payroll deduction, or via equal payroll deductions spread over the duration of the membership (the latter is only available for annual and semester memberships and is unfortunately not available for part-time staff)

To get your membership started, please print off and fill out the appropriate membership application form and bring it to the Fitness Centre Front Desk:

If you have any questions, please contact the Front Desk at ext. 2609 or email


May 21 closed
June 7 closed
July 1 – 2 closed
August 6 closed
August 25 – Sept 3 closed