Why Choose Loyalist?

We know that when it comes to making a decision about post secondary education, there are a lot of things to consider.
To help make the decision easier, here are 10 reasons to become a Lancer!

As indicated by Key Performance Indicators released on April 20, 2016 by Colleges Ontario, an impressive 87.4% of Loyalist grads found jobs within six months of graduating – compared to the Ontario colleges average across the province of 83.6%. At Loyalist, we are committed to helping students find great jobs!

The best testaments to the College’s value is from students. 96% of our students say they would recommend Loyalist to a friend!
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We have more than 70 university transfer agreements that give you an endless selection of possibilities. Start your academic career with us and finish your degree program virtually anywhere in the world!
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Our professors have not only academic experience, but real world, applicable knowledge that translates into practical lessons for you.

Smaller class sizes mean a higher professor to student ratio and creates a more engaging and beneficial learning environment.

Many of our programs include field placements that allow students to gain real-world experience within their field. Our students have worked with companies like CTV, TSN, Canadian Olympic Committee, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment and many, many more!

The staff at Loyalist all want the same thing – to see our students succeed and graduate from their program ready to take on their careers. We have some of the best staff in the province and they genuinely care about your well being. Many of our staff and faculty are some of our top Lancer fans. They come to games, watch online & cheer from home and always go out of their way to provide support to our athletes.

The Athletics Staff at Loyalist maintains an open door policy for all athletes. If at any time an athlete is struggling academically, has a problem they are unsure of how to solve, or just needs someone to talk to, they are welcome to stop by the Athletics Department to chat and work to resolve their issues. If the staff can’t help with the problem directly, they will gladly connect the athlete with someone who can.

Our scholarship program gives talented student athletes financial compensation for their commitment and dedication to their respective teams & academic program. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the coaches and Athletic Director with certain criteria in mind. To be eligible for a scholarship, athletes must maintain a passing average, maintain a high level of fitness and be a leader within the college community.

Being a Lancer is about more than just being a student athlete; you’re a part of something special that will stay with you your whole life.  The incredible connection we have with our alumni is a testament to the strength of our “Lancer Family”. Many of our athletes remain the closest of friends long after graduation and return to our annual Alumni Games in the fall.