With a 23 point performance under her belt against the Georgian Grizzlies on Friday night, 5th year women’s basketball athlete Jenni Thompson has becoming the Lancers’ all time leading 3 point shooter.

Thompson scored 5 from beyond the arc in the team’s 53-40 victories over the Grizzlies to take her total to 105 career 3 point shots, surpassing the previous record of 101.

Also holding the record for all time scoring, the 5’10 Belleville native has accumulated 834 points in her career and still has 4 games to go in the season. Thompson’s on court abilities are no shock given the footsteps she’s been following from a young age. Her mother, Joanne Garvin-Thompson, is ranked in the top 10 all time leading scorers for the Lancers and was recently inducted into the Hall Of Fame for her contribution to the women’s basketball program.

Not only is Thompson making waves in her own team’s stats, she’s currently ranked third in the Nation in points per game second in the OCAA in points per game (20) and steals per game (4.8) .

Head Coach Jamie McCourt credit’s Thompson’s commitment to the game for her success. ” Jenni’s tireless work ethic has gotten her to this point. You don’t become the type of scorer she is without hours of dedication in the gym. Jenni is always a threat to score. Her ability to hit the three allows her the opportunities to attack the basket and score inside.”

Thompson and her team play the second of a two part series against the Georgian Grizzlies Saturday where they’ll look to pick up their 7th win of the season.